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Also, we got a package that includes a CO detector and a fire alarm which really makes you feel better knowing that if something happens to the house while we are out, the fire department will be on their way so they can save our possessions and our loving pets. I have moni now a few years ago vinit came aroud offering a free alarn system. Telling me that there system. Is put intothe system you already have in my home. The guy really talked up how good they were and they have a small amout of complants. So I checked. And I come to find out that this guy can lie very well what I found out was they have damaged many homes and never fix what they did. In one complant I read the tech. Got caught stealing some items in a home nothing was done to fix it. Moni. Techs.

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Easy, right?You can control a single sensor in the system, or you can group specific sensors and control them together as one unit.

What sets us apart is our passion to give you exceptional customer service and to customize your home security system to meet your needs.

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Unlike other types of systems, SABRE’s wireless in home security systems don’t require professional installation by an electrician, because there’s nothing to wire into your house.

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